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Completed Grants

Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications from Drug Overdose Emergencies

Project Grant ID: 1R01DA037317 NIH/NIDA

Chief Investigators: Manini, Wax, Brent

Administering Institutions: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Funding period: 2014-2019

Synopsis: A prospective cohort study of ED overdose patients to 1) evaluate high risk genetic polymorphisms that are predictive of drug overdose fatality; (2) Evaluate serum biomarkers that predict tissue/organ injury from drug toxicity; and (3) prospectively validate a previously derived clinical risk tool in the Toxicology Investigators’ Consortium (TOXIC), a robust registry of over 70 hospital centers with bedside medical toxicology evaluation of ED overdose patients.


NIDA National Early Warning System Network (iN3): An Innovative Approach

Project Grant ID: R56 1 R56DA038366 NIH/NIDA

Chief Investigators: Carlson, Sheth, Boyer, Wax, Brent

Administering Institutions: Wright State University

Funding period: 2014-2016

Synopsis: The goal of this study is to establish an advanced surveillance system for emerging drug use in the U.S. by harmonizing data from web-based sources associated with emerging drug use and a network of sentinel sites for emerging drug use staffed by medical toxicologists.


Supplemental Translational Proposal for the Utilization of the ToxIC Network to Study High Dose Chemical Threat Agent Exposures in Humans

Project Grant ID: WA00190374/RFS2014140 NIH/NINDS

Chief Investigators: Bird, Wax, Brent, Hatten

Administering Institutions: University of Massachusetts

Funding period: 2013-2014

Synopsis: The purpose of this supplemental award is to investigate the use of the Toxicology Investigators Consortium (ToxIC) Registry for clinical information on actual cases of chemical threat agent poisoning.


NDEWS - Development of ToxIC Briefs

Project Grant ID: Subcontract to the NIDA funded National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS)

Chief Investigators: Wax, Brent

Administering Institutions: American College of Medical Toxicology

Funding period: 2018-2019

Synopsis: The purpose of this agreement is to provide pilot funding to develop ToxIC Briefs - short form reports from the ToxIC Registry - that would serve as a means to disseminate observations from the ToxIC Registry to the NDEWS program who then disseminate these reports to their vast array of partners with an interest in novel drugs of abuse.