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ToxIC Consortium Original Research


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Acute Poisonings and Antidote Utilization in Children [P.I. Desai, Project #2015_22]


Characteristics of Benzodiazepine Ingestions [P.I. McCloskey, Project #2016_03]

Characterization of Acute Opioid Overdose in the ToxIC Registry [P.I. Boyle, Project #2014_24]

Characterization of Fomepizole Use [P.I. Surmatis, Project #2016_05]

Clinical and Demographic Factors in Pediatric Marijuana Toxicity: the ToxIC Registry Experience since 2010 [P.I. Spyres, Project #2016_10]

Clinical Surveillance of Spider Envenomations

Current Treatment Recommendations and Clinical Outcomes of Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy on Sodium Channel Blocking Agents [P.I. Bruccoleri, Project #2015_05S]


Development of a ToxIC Severity Score [P.I. Schwarz, Project #2016_03S]


Electrocardiographic QRS Widening Following Quetiapine Exposure 

Epidemiology of Methemoglobinemia [P.I. Wills, Project #2017_03]


Gender Differences of Prescription medication Abuse


Herbal, Dietary and Vitamin toxicities as reported to the Toxicology Investigators Consortium [P.I. McCloskey, Project #2016_04}


Iron Toxicity [P.I. Callelo, Project #2016_02]


Outcome Severity After Ingestion of Citalopram [P.I. Farrugia, Project #2016_ 14]


Peroxide Ingestions Reported in the ToxIC Registry: 2010-2016 [P.I. Hatten, Project #2016_15]

Plants, Mushrooms, and Herbs Reported to the ToxIC Registry [P.I. Hatten, Project #2017_02]

Prognostic Factors Determining Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Acute Drug Toxicity [P.I. Manini, Project #2015_21]

Prospective Cohort Study of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion for Resuscitating Critically Ill Poisoned Patients [See Sub Registry Projects: Lipid Emulsion Therapy Registry]

Prospective Characterization of Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid Exposures [See Sub Registry Projects: Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid Registry]

Prospective Evaluation of Extracorporeal Therapies [See Sub Registry Projects: Extracorporeal Therapies (ECT) Registry] 

Prospective Evaluation of Toxicity from Plant, Mushroom and Herbal Ingestions [See Sub Registry Projects: Natural Toxins Registry: Mushrooms and Plants]

Prospective Cohort Study of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion for Resuscitating Critically Ill Poisoned Patients


Serotonin Syndrome Associated with Vilazodone [P.I. Heise, Project#2016_06]

Sex Differences in Types of Ingestions, Interventions, and Outcomes Among Patients Managed by Bedside Medical Toxicologists [P.I. Beauchamp, Project #2016_17]

Single Substance Baclofen Exposure in the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Registry [P.I. Cao, Project #2015_08]

Snakebite in the Elderly: A Retrospective Cohort of Patients Reported to the toxic North American Snakebite Registry [see See Sub Registry Projects: North American Snake Bite Registry: Sub Project P.I. Spyres]

Survey of Spider Envenomation Reported to a Clinical Surveillance System [P.I. Campleman, Project #2016_13]

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Bath Salts Poisoning in Adolescents Presenting to Emergency Departments [P.I. Finkelstein, Project #2016_18]


Trends in Opiate and Sedative-related Events Reported to ToxIC 2010-2017 [P.I. Campleman, Project#2015_17]


Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [P.I. Surmatis, Project #2016_07]