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ToxIC Consortium Original Research

Data recorded in the ToxIC Registry has been used in research on a wide variety of topics, culminating in published abstracts, papers, and manuscripts. 
For more information on the results of this research, please see our comprehensive lists of published paperspublished abstracts, and conference presentations related to these Consortium projects.


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Acute Poisonings and Antidote Utilization in Children [P.I. Desai, Project #2015_22]


Characteristics of Benzodiazepine Ingestions [P.I. McCloskey, Project #2016_03]

Characterization of Acute Opioid Overdose in the ToxIC Registry [P.I. Boyle, Project #2014_24]

Characterization of Fomepizole Use [P.I. Surmatis, Project #2016_05]

Clinical and Demographic Factors in Pediatric Marijuana Toxicity: the ToxIC Registry Experience since 2010 [P.I. Spyres, Project #2016_10]

Clinical Surveillance of Spider Envenomations

Current Treatment Recommendations and Clinical Outcomes of Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy on Sodium Channel Blocking Agents [P.I. Bruccoleri, Project #2015_05S]


Development of a ToxIC Severity Score [P.I. Schwarz, Project #2016_03S]


Electrocardiographic QRS Widening Following Quetiapine Exposure 

Epidemiology of Methemoglobinemia [P.I. Wills, Project #2017_03]


Gender Differences of Prescription medication Abuse


Herbal, Dietary and Vitamin toxicities as reported to the Toxicology Investigators Consortium [P.I. McCloskey, Project #2016_04}


Iron Toxicity [P.I. Callelo, Project #2016_02]


Outcome Severity After Ingestion of Citalopram [P.I. Farrugia, Project #2016_ 14]


Peroxide Ingestions Reported in the ToxIC Registry: 2010-2016 [P.I. Hatten, Project #2016_15]

Plants, Mushrooms, and Herbs Reported to the ToxIC Registry [P.I. Hatten, Project #2017_02]

Prognostic Factors Determining Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Acute Drug Toxicity [P.I. Manini, Project #2015_21]

Prospective Cohort Study of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion for Resuscitating Critically Ill Poisoned Patients [See Sub Registry Projects: Lipid Emulsion Therapy Registry]

Prospective Characterization of Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid Exposures [See Sub Registry Projects: Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid Registry]

Prospective Evaluation of Extracorporeal Therapies [See Sub Registry Projects: Extracorporeal Therapies (ECT) Registry] 

Prospective Evaluation of Toxicity from Plant, Mushroom and Herbal Ingestions [See Sub Registry Projects: Natural Toxins Registry: Mushrooms and Plants]

Prospective Cohort Study of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion for Resuscitating Critically Ill Poisoned Patients


Serotonin Syndrome Associated with Vilazodone [P.I. Heise, Project#2016_06]

Sex Differences in Types of Ingestions, Interventions, and Outcomes Among Patients Managed by Bedside Medical Toxicologists [P.I. Beauchamp, Project #2016_17]

Single Substance Baclofen Exposure in the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Registry [P.I. Cao, Project #2015_08]

Snakebite in the Elderly: A Retrospective Cohort of Patients Reported to the toxic North American Snakebite Registry [see See Sub Registry Projects: North American Snake Bite Registry: Sub Project P.I. Spyres]

Survey of Spider Envenomation Reported to a Clinical Surveillance System [P.I. Campleman, Project #2016_13]

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Bath Salts Poisoning in Adolescents Presenting to Emergency Departments [P.I. Finkelstein, Project #2016_18]


Trends in Opiate and Sedative-related Events Reported to ToxIC 2010-2017 [P.I. Campleman, Project#2015_17]


Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [P.I. Surmatis, Project #2016_07]