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ACMT ToxIC Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid Registry (PEDMOP)

PEDMOP - Marijuana Sub Registry

With the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana across the United States and the increased use of medical marijuana, we have seen an associated increase in both hospital visits and cases of unintentional exposure by children reported to regional poison centers. There is relatively little in the medical literature describing the risk factors and presentation characteristics of these children. Effective preventive measures are needed as more states consider legalizing the drug and front-line providers must be alerted to the typical signs, symptoms and outcomes of children with marijuana intoxication.

PEDMOP - Opioid Sub-Registry

Pediatric repercussions of the opioid epidemic are many including increased unintentional exposure in young children, increased neonatal abstinence syndrome, and increased intentional abuse by adolescents. While there are an increasing number of published reports in the literature, the details surrounding exposure, clinical presentation, management and outcomes in the pediatric age group have not been adequately studied in a prospective manner. 


The purpose of ACMT’s Pediatric Marijuana and Opioid (PEDMOP) Sub-Registry is to gather detailed prospective information regarding demographics, circumstances surrounding exposure, method of exposure, symptom profile, management and clinical course of children who present with opioid or marijuana intoxication; and, are cared for by medical toxicologists. The ultimate goal is to use the information gathered to develop appropriate guidance on the management of these exposures and to inform targeted prevention efforts.


Principal Investigator Contact Information

Yaron Finkelstein, MD, FACMT

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada